Building a Community to Empower Entrepreneurs Addressing Climate Change

Prithvi Ventures differs from other funds by taking a community-building approach to investing in and supporting entrepreneurs addressing climate change around the globe. This approach has already resulted in successful investments in 2021 and generated a strong pipeline of deals ripe for potential investment.

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Prithvi Management Team

Kunal Sethi

Founding Partner

Following a successful recovery from lymphoma, Kunal dedicated his career to supporting and financing the innovative technologies, entrepreneurs, and business models capable of combatting climate change caused by energy and animal production. A holistic, impact investing approach to solving those intertwined threats while supporting modern, sustainable human life, falls under the broad category known as ClimateTech.


Kunal, the Founder of Prithvi Ventures, is an Impact Investor with more than 20 years of institutional investment experience in Food, Life Sciences, Environmental Science, Agribusiness, & Diversified Industrials. He has raised more than $500 Million in his career while leading multiple clean energy transactions, both upstream & downstream. His career started with MetLife, later managing institutional investments at ABN AMRO, RBS, & ANZ, where Kunal led his team to record revenues.

He founded Prithvi to help entrepreneurs deliver on the vision of modern, sustainable economy in harmony with nature that fights the existential threat of Climate Change.


Kunal’s Full Bio is here | LinkedIn



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