Prithvi or Prithvi Mata comes from the Sanskrit पृथ्वी, pṛthvī, also पृथिवी, pṛthivī meaning "the Vast One" which is the name for the Earth as well as the name of a devi (goddess) in Hinduism and some branches of Buddhism.

Our mission

Prithvi Ventures is an impact-driven rolling fund focused on early-stage startups that redesign the way we produce and consume energy, food and materials on a global scale. 

Human-induced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are now higher than at any point in human history, dramatically accelerating climate change. In particular, carbon dioxide and methane emissions are of major concern due to their Global Warming Potential (GWP). Methane is shorter acting than carbon dioxide, but around 80 times more potent. According to the United Nations, animal agriculture accounts for 14.5% of global GHG emissions.


We are part of the growing movement of mission-driven individuals, businesses and institutions tackling this era-defining challenge. 








Investment in climate tech has grown enormously in the past five years, and yet, we are still not even close to solving the climate crisis. As the United Nations Secretary-General stated, climate change is 'the defining issue of our time'.

What actions can we take


Alternatives to animal products

We support startups that are developing alternative proteins, i.e. plant-, cell-, and fermentation-based products to replace meat, seafood, dairy and eggs to in the food industry and leather, wool and fur in the fashion, household goods and the automotive industry. 





Climate Tech

In the clean energy sector, our focus is on reducing GHG from the transportation and electricity generation sectors by investing in entrepreneurs who use data analytics-driven technologies to address mobility and grid solutions.

















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Source: PwC analysis on Dealroom data

Source: PwC analysis on Dealroom data

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Source: IPCC (2014)

Why join our community

We aspire to create a global community of non-traditional LPs such as scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers, politicians, fund managers, activists, lawyers, and operators who can help the entrepreneurs scale their businesses rapidly to ultimately answer the urgent call to deliver Climate Solutions.

"Let’s spend our valued time better to nurture Prithvi. Namaste"


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We support the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda
by aligning with the following
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)